Monday, April 20, 2009

Why Blog?

For an English class "Quality Project," I decided to create a reading blog which focuses on Barbara Kingsolver's novels. I think that blogging is the perfect way to compare opinions with others, regarding novels, movies, or something that happened in your day.
Just as a preface, I actually read 3 of Kingsolver's novels in the span of one week, and took about 5 more days finishing the fourth novel I planned to read. Reading is a passion of mine, as well as writing, and I hope you can find a passion and joy of Kingsolver's novels in my posts about them.
The pictures on the panel to the left are a collection of nature, each one of them mentioned in Kingsolver's novels. I think that as reading a blog basically about nature literature, images of nature will set the perfect ambiance. Enjoy Nature's Haven.

~Father Nature, Editor

1 comment:

  1. Wow, three books in a week. you are impressive! In addition, this blog looks amazing. you really captured the mood of Kingsolvers natural essence, and that shows some deep reading.